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Alabama one step closer to legalizing homebrew


Alabama House votes 44-33 to make home brewing legal in Alabama.

A Taste All Your Own: 10 Unique Flavors for Your Home Brewed Beer


Are you ready to take your beer to extremes? Here are a few ideas to get you started as you design unique beer varieties that are all your own.

How to make a great Altbier (German Ale)


The Alt beer is a German style ale brewed in Düsseldorf and other parts of North Rhein-Westphalia which might date back to the 1600. Despite it’s name “alt”, the style never went by this name until the 1980s.

6 tasks you need to start for your home brewing season

Corney kegs wanted

I live in the land of snow, so there is little brewing in the winter. The weather is starting to warm up, so it’s time to start getting ready!

The All-in-One Personal Brewery

WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery

Looking for a way to make your homebrewing easier? This home brewery makes it super simple for $4500!

ND proposal may allow homebrewers to sell beer

25-gallon pot

I think this is the dream of most homebrewers! In North Dakota, homebrewers may soon be living the dream.

How to make a Stella Artois homebrew clone

Stella Artois

Here’s how I cloned Stella Artois beer, and became the hit at the party!

What you need to know about adding oak to beer

oak spirals

If you’re looking to give your IPA, English Bitter, or Barley Wine a more complex flavor, you should consider adding oak to your beer!

Building a recirculating wort chiller

recirculating wort chiller

My latest project was to redesign how I chill my wort. Here’s my cool results!

A very cool hop chart!

A very cool hop chart!

I'm jealous, I wish I had this graphical talent!  This is a very beautiful hop chart.