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Should you put olive oil in your homebrew?

Should you put olive oil in your homebrew?

There are many things you can add to your homebrew, but the most interesting addition might be olive oil.  It sounds crazy, but does it make any sense?

What does sugar do to your beer?


Some say sugar will make your beer “cidery”, while others require it in the recipe.  What’s the deal?

Why does my beer taste bad?


When your beer tastes like green apples or tea bags, what can you do to fix it?

Shorten your brew day with overnight mashing

mash tun

Are you looking for a way to speed up your all-grain brewing?  Consider mashing your grains overnight.

How to make Hefeweizen beer

traditiona hefeweizen hacker pschorr

This classic wheat beer is simple to make, but has very interesting and varied flavors.

How to make Mexican Lagers

How to make Mexican Lagers

For Cinco de Mayo, here's how to brew the Mexican Lager.  It's a popular beer you can drink all summer long!

6 questions to ask yourself before pitching your yeast

yeast starter

You are ready to pitch your yeast, but is your wort ready for the yeast? 

All-grain brewing vs extract brewing: Is it really cheaper?

All-grain brewing vs extract brewing: Is it really cheaper?

You’ve heard all-grain brewing is cheaper than extract brewing.  Is it true or is a myth? 

10 summer homebrew beers you need to start now

making beer

Spring is almost upon us in the northern hemisphere (according to Professor Farnsworth, the best hemisphere), now is the time to start thinking about what beers you want to make. 

All-grain brewing: How to batch sparge

batch sparge

There are several methods for all-grain homebrewing, but few are as simple and cheap as batch sparging.  If you want to start all-grain brewing, this is the easiest way to start!