Where to get your beer pron!

other — By on May 2, 2008 at 11:59 am

Some of the images on Fermentarium are really too small to see the subtle beauty of beer and wine.  I’ve created a Flickr account that will be updated with images from brew sessions or other beer photography.  I am also working on videos for the website for reviews, how-to’s, or site seeing.  Exciting times are coming, make sure you’re subscribed to the RSS so you don’t miss a thing!

I hope you enjoy the pictures.  If you want to use any of the images on your site please let me know and provide a link back to Fermentarium.

I am a avid homebrewer and winemaker. I’ve been making my own beer and wine for many years. I started making beer when I was in college (mostly because the drinking age in the United States is 21). My first few beers were horrible. The beers are much better now, and I often supply my neighborhood with free beer!


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