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Drunk and naked seems to be a theme.  Usually these people are found robbing quickie stores or getting stuck in chimneys.  Here are a few different naked drunks.

Not a burglar, just a drunk naked lady

Wearing white fishnet stockings and nothing else, Sherry “Cougar-in-training” McNeal, 47, repeatedly slammed herself into a Ridley Park, Philadelphia home.  The neighbors heard the ruckus and thought she was trying to break into the house.  Well technically she was trying to break in, because the door was locked.

The police arrived to arrest the naked burglar, only to discover she was a guest at the home.  She didn’t know how she got outside, and she didn’t know why she was naked.  Her equally inebriated host had no clue either.  They were both cited for disorderly conduct and told to stay inside.  No word if the police needed eye bleach after the incident, or if the President will invite her over to the White House for a beer.

(Source: philly.com)

I’m not sober, but I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night

An Australian man also wearing nothing down under, lost his way in a New Zealand hotel.  Undaunted by being lost, he crashed in the first available hotel room he could find for a night’s rest.  Unfortunately for him, the couple currently occupying the room had a problem with this.

While the intruder was passed out, the couple called for help.  Actually the man phoned the hotel staff, while the woman hid in the bathroom.  When the police arrived, the drunk man of course had no idea how he got naked or where his friends were.  He was given a hotel robe and a ride home.  No charges were filed against the man, because everyone involved had a good laugh over the incident.  If this happened in the USA, he’d probably have to register as a sex offender.

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