Slippery when wet!

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Any kid or adult who has experienced Wham-o’s Slip N’ Slide knows they are FUN!  Personally I find them irresistible, so I can sympathize with this beer nut.

Forty-one year-old Margaret Bachop from La Crosse, Wisconsin, saw her five year-old neighbor enjoying his Slip N’ Slide.  Can you blame her for wanting to join in the fun?  She didn’t have a swimsuit available, so she did what any drunk with a 0.30 percent blood alcohol content would do.  She stripped down to her underware (bra and thong) and attempted to join in the fun.  A neighbor ran over to cover her with a bed sheet.

The drunk woman, who was under court order to abstain from alcohol, was arrested on her front porch.  She was charged with disorderly conduct, and lewd and lascivious behavior.  I can see the disorderly conduct and an additional charge for drinking while under court order to abstain, but the lewd behavior charge is silly.  If the woman was wearing a smaller and more revealing bathing suit, would she still be charged for lewd behavior?  I’m betting this charge will be dropped quicker than she dropped her pants.

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