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The drinking game known as beer pong has exploded in popularity these past few years. A game  once limited to college students entertaining themselves in their dorm rooms has grown into a full-fledged sport with international tournaments. But as in any sport, having the right equipment shouldn’t be overlooked.

Now I know what you’re thinking; it’s beer pong, the only equipment you need is a few ping pong balls, some red cups, a flat surface, and of course beer. While it is important to have all the necessary supplies for a game of beer pong, the type of beer you use can definitely have an impact on your party. That said, there are a few things to consider when selecting the perfect beer for your night around the beer pong table:

beer pong

You'll want a lighter beer or a good session beer to last a few rounds in beer pong

  • Quantity over quality: An average game of beer pong uses anywhere from 4-6 beers and it won’t take long before the beer is gone. When shopping for beer make sure you buy cheap and buy a lot, your friends will thank you later.
  • Light beers are you friend: Don’t try to be the guy who shows up to the beer pong table with beer in the alcohol percentage double digits. All it takes a few games before the alcohol kicks and bring a grown man to his knees. Go light and you’ll be sure to have a good night.
  • Avoid heavy beers: Some beers will fill you up faster than others. If you plan on winning a few games on the beer pong table you need to make sure your stomach has the room it needs to hold all that beer. Avoid any stouts or other beers that are heavy on the stomach.

All in all no matter what beer you use you are sure to have some good times at the beer pong table with your friends. But by following these few simple tips you’re one step closer to a better night of beer pong. Now go grab yourself some beer and get the party started!

Jeff Oxford

Jeff Oxford is an avid beer lover and founded Beer Pong Stadium, a popular e-commerce website that sells beer pong tables online.

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  • Zeke Tamayo

    Dry Irish Stouts may be heavy on your mind, but they’re certainly not heavy on the stomach! Stout will fill you up slower than, say, Duvel… color and flavor have nothing to do with it. That’s not to say I’d play beer pong with either one, but you probably wouldn’t find me playing beer pong in the first place.

  • janecaren03

    Great post, its really a very interesting game to play, i have all type of games in the beer pong.