Beer + Cake = AWESOME!

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A friend of mine, Erin Schaefgen, makes very cool cakes. These cakes are so cool in fact, she should have her own TV cake show. Her cakes could easily compare to Ace of Cakes or Cake Boss. She just started her own cake business called Three Little Blackbirds, and as you can see from her cakes, she is going to be VERY successful.

Guinness beer cake

It's like Willie Wonka decided to become a brewer! (Image from Three Little Blackbirds Cakes)

So, how could you possibly top one of her cakes? Add beer of course!

Check this cake out! This was one of Erin’s recent cakes for a Guinness fan. The glass of Guinness beer, napkin, and even the wooden bar top are all edible. She also has a really cool cheeseburger cake she made for her husband complete with fries.

She recently won three ribbons, two first place and one third place, in the Sugar Art Show in Denver, Colorado. Go check out all her cakes now at Three Little Blackbirds Cakes! When you’re done drooling over the cakes on her website, remember to send her some digg/twitter/stumble love!

Cheeseburger Cake

It's a burger cake! Yum! (Image from Three Little Blackbirds Cakes)

(Source: Three Little Blackbirds Cakes)

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