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So I finally got around to creating a Facebook Fan page. This will give you yet another way to keep up to date with Fermentarium articles. It’ll also give you a way to have your say, without having to post to a particular article.

Right now the fan page consists of a few popular homebrewing articles, but in the future it will contain all new articles, interesting articles from other sources, and anything everyone wants to share.

If you’re a fan of Fermentarium, you will want to hit the like button below. And be sure to share any articles you like. This is a great way to spread the word about Fermentarium.

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DJ Spiess

DJ Spiess

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I live in Denver, Colorado. This blog is everything about beer, wine, cider, mead and other spirits.
I am a avid homebrewer and winemaker. I’ve been making my own beer and wine for many years. I started making beer when I was in college (mostly because the drinking age in the United States is 21). My first few beers were horrible. The beers are much better now, and I often supply my neighborhood with free beer! It is a great hobby!