How to connect multiple kegs to one CO2 tank

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A reader from Chapel Hill Homebrew asked, “What additional equipment is required to run multiple kegs off of a single CO2 tank?”

Use a gas distributor

The easiest way to add more kegs to one CO2 tank is to add additional gas lines via a gas distributor.  This allows you to supply gas to multiple lines.  The distributor has one barb for gas input, and many barbs out for gas output.  You simply connect the gas input to your CO2 tank, and then add gas lines for each gas out.  The distributor also contains valves which allow you to turn off unused gas lines.

double regulator for co2

A double regulator like this allows you to keg at two different pressures

To add a gas distributor you will need the distributor, gas line from your tank to the distributor, gas line from each out barb to your keg, a gas disconnect for each line out, and clamps for each end of each gas line.  You can find these parts at your local homebrew store or online at your favorite homebrew supply website.  A two-way distributor can cost about $30 USD, while an 8-way distributor can cost about $120 USD.

Each keg you connect using the distributor will be at the same pressure to which your CO2 tank regulator is set.  This set up is perfect for dispensing beer from multiple kegs, since the dispensing pressure should be the same for all kegs.  If you are carbonating your beers at different gas pressures for each keg, then you will need a different approach.

Use a Double Body CO2 Regulator (or more)

To supply beer to multiple kegs at different pressures, you need more regulators.  The regulator controls the pressure at which you supply gas.  You will need a regulator for each pressure you want to supply gas.  You can also find these online if you cannot find them at your local homebrew store.

gas line distributor

A distributor allows you to split one gas line into multiple lines

To add a double body CO2 regulator you need the double regulator, gas line from each barb on your regulator, a gas disconnect for each line out, and clamps for each end of each gas line.  This setup will allow you to carbonate one keg while dispensing from a second keg.  A double body CO2 regulator runs about $130 USD.

Mix and match gas supply equipment

You can also mix and match.  For example, my system uses a double body CO2 regulator which connects to several gas distributors.  I use these to connect to a 20 pound CO2 tank so I can carbonate 8 kegs at once (at 2 different pressures).  Piecing the parts together is very easy, and soon you can have many kegs running at the same time at your next party!

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