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Here's the beer screen highlighting one of my favorite Avery beers

For those of you who don’t know, Avery Brewing Company is a brewery in Boulder, Colorado. Its about a mile from where I work, and their tap room is a popular after-work watering hole for me and my co-workers. Usually we are fighting over one or two menus for our group when we are choosing beers. Well now they have an iOS app for that!

The Avery app is fairly nice, albeit very simple. The app has three tabs at the bottom: brewery, beers, and tap room. The brewery tab is a simple, “hi we’re Avery” page. The tap room tab has a map showing the location of the Avery Brewing Company, as well as, all the social and normal ways to contact the brewery. The beers tab is where the action is.

The beers tab allows you to flip through every beer Avery offers. When you select a beer, the app provides a detailed view of the beer. It gives a description of the beer, some stats about the beer, suggested food pairings, and the availability of the beer. Very simple, but very slick.

The description page is also useful for home brewers trying to replicate Avery beers. Many of the beer descriptions include the malts and hops used in the beer. It’s not a recipe, but it is a start.

Avery iOS app introduction

This is a great way to introduce your brewery!

The app is a universal app, which means it works on any iDevice (iPad, iPhone, and iTouch). The only thing I wish it had is a way to update the beers so it was always in sync with what’s on tap at the brewery. It would be a simple addition to update the beer list over the internet (hmmm… gives me an idea, any breweries interested?).

The Avery iOS app is a great way for the brewery to market their beers. Best of all, the app is FREE!  I’m surprised more breweries aren’t doing this. I’ll be taking my iPad in with me next time I visit Avery. It’s way cooler than the menu!

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