Beer prices are rising across the world

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Beer costs are rising for a variety of reasons.  Barley crops are lower in many countries, hops are becoming scarce for a variety of reasons, and with rising fuel costs it is getting more expensive to transport these ingredients to the brewery and eventually to you the customer.  These factors all contribute to a 5 to 20 percent rise in beer prices.

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Your favorite beers could soon start costing much more

In the UK pint prices are expected to exceed £4.  The British Beer and Pub Association said that “There are areas and types of pub around the country where we will not be surprised to see the £4 pint.”  In the United States, beer prices have slowly been rising as well.  Beer drinkers in the United States are expecting to pay $2 to $4 more for a six pack by the end of the year.

Even places as far as South Africa are affected.  Figures for South African Breweries (SAB) showed lager volumes were down by 0.4 percent during the third quarter.   SABMiller said reported a 7 percent growth in China, but that growth was much lower than previous quarters.  India was an outlier with 20 percent growth.  China and India are not typical because these are emerging markets.

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