Beer, you can put your weed on it!

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A few months ago, Vaune Dillmann owner of Mt. Shasta Brewing Co. tried capping his beer with the slogan “Try Legal Weed”.  Anyone who has ventured out in society past the Republican National Convention knows “weed” is a slang term for marijuana.

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You can put your weed on it... or can you?

“Weed” in this case is actually a reference to the city Weed, California; however, even the citizens are not oblivious to its double meeting.  The city sells t-shirts which say “High on Weed”.  The “sly” reference did not escape notice from the federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB).

The federal agency barred the brewery from using the bottle caps and slogan citing drug references are not allowed on alcoholic beverages.  Apparently someone somewhere in Washington thinks people might get confused and smoke a bottle or something.

Well after a very rough few months for the brewer, his company, and his family the TTB backed down from the fight.  The brewer will be allowed to use the slogan “Try Legal Weed”.  The TTB assistant directed noted in a letter to Dillmann the phrase related to the microbrew and does not mislead the consumers with the word “weed”.

It’s most likely the TTB backed down due to a possible lengthy and expensive lawsuit and massive support from the internet.  The story spread like a weed fire across the globe, even in countries like Saudi Arabia where both weed and alcohol are illegal.

Dillmann and his family struggled through the ordeal, but the happy ending is sales are “high” and have doubled since the brew-ha-ha began.

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