BeerCon 2011

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Once while in San Diego I stumbled upon Comic-Con.  I thought the idea was cool, bought a ticket, and walked in.  That was obviously many years ago considering this year’s event in July sold out in January.  Back when I went it was just starting to become the wild event it is now.  Time to look for a new event…

And suddenly in my fermentarium suggestion email box there was one.  It’s not comics though, it’s Beer-Con, a craft beer conference in San Diego!  How cool is that?

From the website, you can rub elbows with the big names in brewing and attend several talks on homebrewing, starting a bar or brewery, and beer styles.  Of course there will also be beer drinking!  Can’t have a beer event without downing a few pints.  There will also be big names like Greg Koch and Anat Baron.

Beer-Con 2011

Beer-Con 2011, a craft beer conference for beer geeks!

I have no idea if this conference will turn out to be the festival Comic-Con has become, but it sounds like a fun conference to check out.  Unfortunately I’ll be elsewhere in August 27th, 2011, but if you’re in San Diego you might want to check the one day conference.  It’s open to the public, not just industry leaders.  They also said in their email if you use the code “BARLEY”, you’ll get $50 off the ticket price.  If any of you go, please let me know if it’s everything advertised and hopefully I can attend next year.


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