The German Beer-pocolypse continues

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The trend for consuming less beer in Germany continues. Beer sales in Germany have declined since the reunification in the 1990s, and every year since German beer sales decline by about 1.7%. For the first time ever, German beer sales have dropped below 100 million hectoliters. Domestic consumption dropped even lower, with the average German drinking 101.8 liters per person per year. In 2007, the average German consumed 112.5 liters per year.

Most industry analysts believe this is because of Germany’s aging population. Older Germans are drinking less and reproducing less. Marc-Oliver Huhnholz, spokesperson for the Association of German Brewers (DBB) told Deutsche Welle, “The number of German beer-drinkers is going down, and in the last ten years, another 500,000 weren’t born – so to speak – who could take their place? Meanwhile, the older age groups – who used to drink a lot of beer – have got older, are working less and drinking less. German government figures expect there will be twice as many people over 60 than under-20 in 2050.


If German beer continues to decline, we may only see the large breweries survive

Another possible reason for the decline is the changing tastes and habits of the younger generation. In the past Germans would drink a beer after work, but more people are hitting coffee shops after their desk job. Germans don’t hit the bars for a beer after work, like their counterparts in Britain. Some breweries are experimenting with variations on alcoholic beverages, but it can be very expensive to create and market new drinks.

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