Guinness Red??

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Guinness is launching a new lighter beer called Guinness Red this September.  The new beer uses lighter barley to produce a lighter red color.  The result is a “smoother and sweeter” version of Guinness.  The beer has been in trials across the U.K. since January.

Simon Garnett, senior innovation manager for Guinness Red, said: “Guinness Red is targeted at occasional Guinness drinkers, people who love the Guinness brand but perhaps only enjoy a pint a few times a year on occasions such as St. Patrick’s Day and at the rugby.

The parent company, Diageo, is investing $6 million USD to promote the new beer.  The goal is to attract new drinkers to the Guinness brand.  The new beer appeals to those who like lighter beers.

Guinness Red will be rolled out to the London and central England and be backed by an advertising campaign in the new year.  There is no word on when this beer will be released in other countries.  We can’t wait to try it!

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