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Groups inside Facebook, MySpace, or other online societies cater to almost every group.  I’ve even found a group in Facebook that was for Colorado Beer Pong players.  The problem was that the group was dead.  No one had been to the group for months.  This problem is common in most online communities.  With so many other groups to keep track of, beer groups get lost in the noise.

Beer Related Forums

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There are many sites on the Internet to share your love for beer!

So where are the beer groups on the internet?  If you like forums, here’s a good list of beer and wine related forums.

These forums are great for information (especially about homebrewing or winemaking) but these forums fail to live up to the Web 2.0 communities.  There is no real sense of identity other than your profile.  If you are looking for more of a social network, then you might want to check out the following groups.

Beer Web 2.0 Style


Aleuminati has a good sized beer lovin crowd!

Aleuminati and Democracy’s Drink are two newer communities on the web.  These groups are like Facebook or MySpace, but they cater to beer lovers.  Not only do these groups have forums for discussion, each member can have their own web page inside the group.  You can add widgets, pictures, sound, and customize your web page.  The best part of these specialized groups is that everyone who joins has the same interests you do!

It is a great place to meet other beer lovers, beer makers, and beer bloggers.  It surprised me the most about these groups is the high number of beer blogger members.  On these sites you can also add pictures of your favorite brew, blog about beer, leave messages for other members, add videos and more (you can see my profile here ).  If you love beer, check out Aleuminati and Democracy’s Drink .  If you find any good wine groups, let us know!  Hope to see you there!

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