Samuel Adams Utopias is back

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Samuel Adams Utopias is an extreme beer, brewed with only hops, malted-barley, water and yeast.  Utopias was unavailable for the past two years.  The 2007 release of Samuel Adams Utopias is a blend of several batches, some aged up to 13 years in a variety of woods, including bourbon, sherry, Madeira, brandy & Cognac casks.  The beer is 27% ABV, and drinks more like a port or sherry.

samuel adams utopias

It's over $100 USD a bottle, but it might be worth it to try once

Utopias received high accolades at the Great American Beer Festival.  In the past the beer went for $100 a bottle.  You can find Utopias at your local beer stores, unless you live in Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Washington, or West Virginia.  Those states have laws preventing the sale of the beer because it is too high in alcohol.  So happy we are in Colorado!

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