Cars don’t let drivers drive drunk

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A new concept car from Nissan could keep future drunks off of the road.  The concept car includes several sensors to monitor odor, sweat, and driver awareness.  If the car senses that the driver is too impaired, the car will refuse to drive.  Other car manufactures, such as Volvo, have created cars that cannot be started without a breathalyzer test.  Nissan’s car goes one step further with cameras, sensors, and audio alerts to test the driver.

The general manager, Kazuhiro Doi, for the project says that the car will monitor who is in control of the car.

“We’ve placed odor detectors and a sweat sensor on the gear shift, but for example if the gear-shift sensor was bypassed by a passenger using it instead of the driver, the facial recognition system would be used,” said Doi.

The current concept of the car will even tighten the seat belt if the car senses that you are drowsy.

Right now the car is too sensitive.  Nissan’s Doi says: “If you drink one beer, it’s going to register, so we need to study what’s the appropriate level for the system to activate.”

Let’s hope that cars can drive us home when this is released, or at least call us a cab.

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