Monster storm brewing over beer and energy drinks

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Vermonster beer

Does this look anything at all like the Monster drink labels?

The story

Yesterday Monster Energy drinks fired a shot at a Rock Art Brewery over their Vermonster beer.  Monster Energy drinks says the name Vermonster beer is too close their Monster Energy drinks line of energy sodas.  They sent a cease and desist letter to Rock Art Brewery.  Apparently they think consumers might confuse Vermonster beer with their Red Bull knock off soda.

The Monster Drink Battle

Matt Nadeau, the owner of Rock Art Brewery, isn’t taking the fight lying down.  He’s mobilized the internet, which is typically against corporate bullying.  He’s posted more info about the battle on his website.  His Web site calls the battle “Rock Art Brewery vs. Corporate America.”  Here’s the story in his own words!

The battle is now all over twitter and facebook.  #monsterboycott is quickly becomming a trending topic on twitter.  To show your support for Rock Art, join the Facebook group Vermonters and Craft Beer Drinkers Against Monster!

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