Samuel Adams and glass maker settle over 2008 recall

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Remember back in 2008, when Samuel Adams was recalled because of glass chips in their beer?  Yeah, I forgot about it too.

According to a press release by Boston Beer Company, makers of Samuel Adams, “The Boston Beer Company, Inc. (NYSE: SAM) and its former glass bottle supplier have today entered into an agreement to settle all claims regarding the recall implemented by the Boston Beer Company in 2008”. The former glass bottle supplier? Yeah, that one. The one who shall remain nameless (they don’t mention them by name in the press release – who can blame them).  They don’t mention “fault”, but it’s clear who’s coming out on the winning side of this dispute.

The recall was a big deal in 2008, but forgotten soon after (probably the next week)

Boston Beer gets a settlement of $20.5 million dollars, and both parties promise to never speak of it again. The whole fiasco cost Boston Beer $22 million resulting in a spiffy minus $1.5 million bonus. Yea American Justice System! Given the legal fees and the years of fighting in court, only losing $1.5 million in the deal is pretty good.

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