Super Bowl XLII Beer Commericals

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Wow, what a game.  I’m still shocked and ecstatic.  Can you think of a better story than the ultimate choke in the Super Bowl?  Well by this point, we all know that the Giants shocked the Patriots in the Super Bowl, but who won best beer commercial?

Suber Bowl XLII

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?

Well when there is only one competitor, the winner is painfully clear.  Only Budweiser (and Bud Light) showed for the big game.  We didn’t even get a boring speech about rocky mountain water from Pete Coors.  What happened?

So I guess we just have the Budweiser ads to compare against each other.  Here’s how we rated them:

Bud Light –”Breathe Fire”

This was a clever ad that made us giggle a little.  Joan thought the commercial would have been funnier with a better looking guy.  I wouldn’t know.  I thought the a was humorous, but not “ha ha” funny.  We’ll give this ad a B.

Bud Light – 6 pack hidden in cheese

This ad was somewhat original and clever.  We laughed at this one, and thought it was funny.  It wasn’t a commercial we’ll talk about for ages (like the stupid frogs), but it was funny.  We gave this ad a B+.

Budweiser – Horse/Rocky Theme

This ad was original and somewhat funny after a few beers.  For the amount of beer we had by this point, the ad should have been much funnier.  We’ll leave this ad with a B.

Bud Light – Invention of the wheel

This ad was just silly.  We might have cracked a collective smile.  The bit about “this beer opener sucks” was slightly funny, but not anything that would give this ad anything above average.  It’s a C at best.

Bud Light – Flying Powers

Um… to quote from a funny movie, “not funny”.  This commercial isn’t worth a second run.  The setup from the fire powers ad might have been better if the flying commercial was better.  It wasn’t.  This ad didn’t even crack smiles.  Not worth finding the ad on YouTube.

Bud Light – Will Farrell Basketball Player

It just wasn’t funny.  Again, not worth searching for on YouTube.  Budweiser really bombed this year.

What is really sad is that Budweiser must have known that they were the only beer commercials in the movie.  It seemed like they didn’t even try.  Kinda like the Patriots, they knew they had the game won so why try?

Well we did like the FedX commercial with the birds, and the eTrade commercial with the talking baby that bought the clown.  Beer commercials really fell short this year.  The best beer commercial was the Bud Light commercial with the cheese, but the competition was non-existent.  Thank goodness the game was good, or the whole evening would have been shot!

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