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We wanted to see what videos were out there on beer – a search on YouTube returns “about 58,700” videos on beer. Even they don’t know how many beer videos are out there (the result literally says “about 58,700”)–apparently beer is popular.

When we started watching the videos, we realized there are videos on beer pong shots, commercials, “the beer song”, beer freezing, and miscellaneous weirdness. So really, there are only 5 types of beer videos. There were many on beer puking, but who wants to see that? We even found one where some guy’s girlfriend who lost a bet, so instead of making her chug a beer, they made a video of them pouring beer on her. Hope she doesn’t want to run for President in 2037. Some ideas really should not be released until critically viewed with a sober eye. To save you the trouble of viewing all 58,000+ videos, most of which are yawners or stinkers, we compiled the top 12 beer videos on the net.

#12 – Lego Beer Song

Good grief there are a ton of videos playing this silly song, and no one knows who is singing it! It’s attributed to Weird Al, Adam Sandler, They Might Be Giants, and others. If you know, leave us a note in the comments section. There are videos playing this song to anime, pictures, and even World of Warcraft. We were shocked that no one made a video playing this song featuring Master Chief from Halo. Of all “the beer song” videos we watched (and there are tons), we thought this was the most original. Well as original as you can be just showing variation on theme!

#11 – Asahi Robocco : Beer-pouring robot

Leave it to the Japanese to create a robot to open your beer. This robot can opener opens beers for you, which is really cool, but the time it takes to open and pour the beer (~2 minutes) could render you sober very quickly. Here’s to hoping this technology improves soon!

#10 – Cheers Beer – Commercial

The commercial is just funny on some weird level. This is a beer from Thailand that we’ve never heard of. We found one review of the beer that states “While many beers in Thailand taste like soap or chemicals it is rare that a brewery manages to produce a beer that combines both.” That must be why they have great marketing. 🙂

#9 – Beer Tui – Commercial

Isn’t this commercial similar to the Budweiser Ladies Night commercials? Still the video is quite funny. It seems like another “babes with beer” commercial, then it goes funny!

#8 – Beer Pong Shots

There are SO MANY beer pong videos; it is difficult to say “this one is the best”. This one is representative of all the beer pong videos. If you watch one, it is really amazing. After the 100th, it gets old. So watch just this one!

#7 – Beer Run

Another cute jingle that is repeated across the internet, but somewhat rarer than “the beer song”. We only saw a few videos highlighting this song. Bonus points for being simple, yet clever!

#6 – Worlds Fastest Beer Drinker – Bill “The Fox” Foster

Bill “The Fox” Foster, my hero, may he rest in peace. We have never seen anyone drink beer so fast.

#5 – Watch Beer Freeze

Yet another video with millions of copycats. We don’t know if this is the original video, but it’s cool to watch once. The idea is to super cool your beer below freezing. Then when you disturb the beer with a tap on the counter, it forms crystals and appears to freeze before your eyes. Very cool!

#4 – BrewCam

We thought this was one of the coolest videos we saw. If you brew your own beer like we do, this is a very cool and beautiful video to watch. This shows you what happens to your beer while it ferments!

#3 – Beer Bitch – Commercial

This beer is on our list to find in the USA. We’re not sure if the puritan labeling requirements allow it in the USA, but we’re going to try to find it. Great name!

#2 – Chubby Kid Sells Beer At A Beer Stand

This is another video from the Man Show. You’ve probably seen the Boy Scout trying to get someone to buy beer. It’s the same boy selling beer at a lemonade stand, with the same snarky mouth.

#1 – The Big Beer Ad – Commercial

We think this is the coolest ad and the coolest video. Just watch it. The director must be a master of coordination.

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