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When I first saw this can, I thought it was a mixed drink or malt beverage similar to a wine cooler. Jack Daniels sells drinks like what I was expecting.

This isn’t one of those.

Whiskey in a can

While this probably isn\’t the best whiskey, why should the container dictate the quality of the whiskey?

Someone at Scottish Spirits, a Panama-based company, got the idea to sell hard alcohol, specifically whiskey, in a can. This is somewhat an interesting idea. Cans are recyclable, lightweight, portable, and great for places where glass is unacceptable (like a pool). You can find whiskey in a small plastic bottle on any airline, so why would a can be less desirable?

The Scotch Whiskey Association said they might try to ban the whiskey for breaching International labeling rules. They are concerned consumers might confuse this product with real Scotch. The can does say blended whiskey across the top, and below the label, but the company’s name “Scottish Spirits” might be considered confusing. My guess is the Scotch Whiskey Association is just horrified someone might try selling whiskey in a can.

The real objection is the backlash that plagued beer for a while. There is a weird romanticism which believes alcohol is cheaper if it’s not in a glass. Only recently have microbreweries overcome the perception beer in the can is cheap. This is no different. A can should have no affect on the flavor, since aluminum cans are usually lined on the inside with a thin polymer.

Scottish Spirits is testing their canned whiskey in the Caribbean and South American markets, but if it takes off you might see it near you soon!

What do you think? Can quality whiskey be served in a can?

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