The ultimate wine rack

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We’d say “what were they thinking”, but we know.

If you want men to stop staring at your chest, filling it with beer or wine may not be the best idea.  This has to be one of the most unique methods to sneak a beer or wine into a dry event.  However, you will get some interesting looks when you go for a sip.

booze bra

Nice "wine" rack. Are they sure no one will notice you going from a D cup to an A cup?

The “wine rack” is a sports bra with “a special hooter-enhancing polyurethane bladder” to hold your favorite beverage.  The booze-bra holds 25 ounces of liquid and comes with a straw that allows you to sneak a sip.  The 25 ounces will increase your bust by 2 cup sizes.  Of course, like Cinderella, the fantasy will be over by midnight and you’ll be back to an empty A cup.

booze bra

The bladders keep your wine a secret in a safe place

This might be a great gimmick for the “shot girl” at your local club.  This might also be quite the bonus at Mardi Gras.  We are sure that a girl sporting this bra will get all the beads she wants.  We would just like to see the booze bra in action.  Guys will have to wait till Halloween before they can wear it without too much attention.

The bra is intended as a device to sneak drinks into no alcohol parties or places where the drink price is just too high.  You can sneak in your favorite drink, and sip away all night.  The site claims that you’ll pay for the bra in one evening.  Of course, if it really gives you two additional cup sizes you won’t be buying your own drinks.

(Source: FireBox)

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