10 Halloween costume ideas for beer lovers

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The Halloween gods have smiled upon us.  This year Halloween falls on a Friday, and this means lots of Halloween parties.  Is your costume ready?  Here are a few beer themed costumes ideas for you!

domo kun halloween

Looking for a beer costume instead of you normal random monster? Look no further!

The Beer Keg

This costume is fairly easy to construct.  I’ve even seen it for sale at some Halloween stores.  The idea is to construct a keg around your body and put a tap on your hat.  You can construct one with a few small hula hoops and cardboard or cloth.  The version I saw at the store actually pumped beer from a hidden can in a hat.  The hat was constructed to look like a keg tap.

Your favorite bottle/can of beer

Here’s a popular beer costume: make yourself into a bottle of your favorite brew.  Many replicate a Miller bottle because it’s easy to match the simple yellow bottle.  With a little work, you could easily reproduce any bottle.  The bottle part is easy, and you can make your “label” with a little work.  Think how cool it would be to show up at your party dressed as a bottle of Chimay!  I’ve seen this costume a few times at the Great American Beer Festival.  If the bottles are there this year, I’ll get some pictures!

The Six-pack

This “costume” requires much more coordination than the beer bottle costume.  Getting six friends to agree on a Halloween costume can be much more difficult than deciding a location for lunch.  If you can find six agreeable friends, this is a cool costume to pull off.  The idea is to all dress as the same beer bottle or can.  You and five friends dressed up as beer equals a six pack.


If you watch the Simpson’s, you know who I am talking about.  Duffman is the spokesperson for Duff beer.  Duffman is a satire on Bud Man, an expired Budweiser campaign aimed at college coeds (I wonder why they abandoned the campaign – duh).  For this costume, you need a blue t-shirt, blue tights, a red hat, a red cape, red underwear (which go on the outside), dark sunglasses, and a belt made of beer.  You can easily construct the simple Duff beer logo with paper.  Be warned – people will come up to you throughout the night with very obscure Simpson’s references and expect you to know the exact episode.


Are you ready to get Duffed? Oh, yeah!

St. Pauli Girl / German beer garden girl

Nothing looks cuter than a girl in a dindrl.  Thousands of internet photos from Oktoberfest can’t be wrong.  The best part is the costume is cute and sexy, but doesn’t go overboard.  This costume can be found at every Halloween store, usually labeled as “Beer Garden Girl”.  You can try finding an authentic dindrl, but these dresses can cost as much as $300 USD.  The fake beer garden versions sell for about $49 USD.

german beerfest costumes

A girl in a dindrl is always a hit! Does this photo remind you of the photo with Jayne Mansfield and Sophia Loren?

Pawtucket Patriot

You could go as the patriot from the Samuel Adams, but Pawtucket Patriot adds the missing coolness factor (and few would recognize the real version).  Pawtucket Patriot is a character from Family Guy who spoofs the Samuel Adams’ patriot from Samuel Adams bottles of beer.

pawtucket patriot

If you're a fan of Family Guy, this is a fun reference costume

Beer God

If you’re thinking of a beer personality, why not go straight to the top and be a beer god?  Dionysus is the god of intoxicating drinks.  Girls can go as Ninkasi, the ancient Sumerian goddess of beer and brewing.  This costume is fairly simple, and leaves lots of room for creativity.  For Dionysus, start with a Greek god costume.  For Ninkasi you will want to go more “Egyptian”.  Try creating a wreath for the head from hops.  Bring a clay pitcher (or clay looking) and fill with beer.  Pour drinks for others, and you’ll be the life of the party.

Beer Monk

While the true Trappist monks might make boring costumes, a beer monk from the middle ages can be much more entertaining.  Think more “Friar Tuck” and less scary images from your Catholic school.  The monk costume is another simple costume.  You can find monk robes at just about any costume store.  Loop a beer mug around your waist or neck with a belt of beads.  Again the idea is to be creative with the simple basic costume.

Beer fridge

This costume is easy to make.  You just need a box and some creativity.  You can have anything you want in the fridge, but really you want lots of beer!  Isn’t beer in everyone’s fridge??  Pick the right beer (or wrong depending on perspective) and people will want to open you all night.


Another easy costume to make is a breathalyzer.  The creativity in this costume comes from where you want drunks to “blow”.  Again the costume starts with a big box.  Dress it up with dials or lights to indicate different stages of being drunk.

Hopefully these costumes give you some ideas for your Halloween costume.  It’s October, so get cracking on your costume!

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