The ultimate system for your beer cave

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Arkeg arcade cabinet inside

The cabinet holds one corney (1/6) keg so you’ll never have to leave your game to get more beer!

Imagine a video game system with Joust, Defender, Gauntlet, Cyberball 2072, Mortal Kombat 1 through 3, and over 60 other games all in one machine. To make this game system even cooler, you can add any game originally on the Nintendo, Sega Genesis, NeoGeo or other game systems. You’re drooling already, aren’t you. How could you possibly make this better you ask?

Add beer. (the answer should have been obvious)

The Arkeg Drink n’ Game system has all the game features listed above, the ability to hold and play over 15,000 games and it has a keg system built in. It even has the game Tapper! This is sooo added to my home bar must have list.

Arkeg faucet

There’s a beer tap on the side!

On the side of the game cabinet is a chrome faucet serving beer from a 1/6 Keg (corny keg size), which is perfect for homebrewers. The Arkeg website even suggests you try making your own beer (say Old Fortran?), because it is homebrew compatible. The keg system inside includes refrigeration and a CO2 system. This is the ultimate kegerator.

The control panel itself contains a pair of joysticks matched with a 6 button layout, perfect for Mortal Kombat matches. All of this is matched with a 24” hi-def LCD screen, a hidden keyboard, and 2.1 surround sound. This arcade system of pure awesome can be yours for $4000. I think I’ll need to save up a bit.

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