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Halloween is not a kid only holiday—adults can get in on the scary fun too.  Even kid centered Halloween parties can offer some themed drinks for the adults (just make sure they are clearly marked).   Few things are more boring than kids’ parties, so throw the adults a bone why don’t ya?  That, or throw your own adults only themed bash.

Spoooky Rims and Trims

spooky wine glass

Red gel icing can transform a normal wine glass into something creepy and fun

For a cool effect, use red gel icing (available in the bakery isle of grocery stores with the cake decorating stuff) on the inside rim of glasses to make a “blood rim”.  Squeeze a small ring around the inside of a glass—martini glasses work especially well—with a few streaks going down and add cocktail of your choice.  The gel will drip down and slowly dissolve into the liquid giving a cool “bleeding” effect.

Another fun holiday related rim idea—use colored sugar.  Use orange, purple, and green sugar to line cocktail rims.

Black licorice can make great looking and fun swizzle sticks and straws in cocktails.

Scary Ice

Halloween ice cube trays

Strike some fear into drinker’s hearts with Halloween themed ice, which you can make with specialized ice trays such as these very cool skull and crossbones ones found at Amazon!

bones ice cube tray

These novelty ice trays can be found everywhere around Halloween

Even regular ice cubes can be Halloweened out by the addition of candy corn or olives (they look like eyeballs).

Ice Faces

You can also make some very interesting larger ice for punch bowls by using plastic face masks.  Seal the eye and mouth holes of the mask with taped on plastic wrap (taped on the front of the mask, make sure it’s tight so it won’t bow out when water is added).  Put mask, front side down, in a container that has raised sides (such roasting pan), and stuff paper towels or newspaper around the mask to keep it from falling over.   Pour water into the hollow part of the mask and place in freezer for at least 24 hours. Once thoroughly frozen, take mask out and dip the front in a bowl of hot water to loosen the ice, then turn the mask over to free the ice face.  Float ice face in punch bowl.  For a super creepy effect, add red or green food coloring to the water before you pour it into the face, or add some spots of red or green jello.

Halloween Jello Shots and Shapes

Put a holiday spin on Jello shots by making orange and purple ones.  You can also create jello shot shapes in Halloween forms. Pour the liquid jello onto a cookie sheet with raised edges, chill for several hours, then use Halloween cookie cutters to make bat, pumpkin, etc.. shaped jello shots.
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Pumpkin Ice Cooler

Pumpkins make great, fun coolers for beers and a stylish party decoration.  Take a large pumpkin (larger the better), and cut a wide top, you can get creative with the edge either using the traditional “v” notching, a more modern circular cut, squares, whatever.  Scoop out the guts and toss (or keep the seeds for roasting).  The easiest way to cut pumpkin tops is to use the small saws with handles they sell in the specialty pumpkin carving kits.  Put ice in the pumpkin, and place beers in the ice.  If you want to get really in the spirit of the season, fill the pumpkin cooler with pumpkin beer.

Pumpkin Beers and Themed liquors

Every fall quite a number of brewers release a pumpkin ale.  Beer Advocate has an excellent listing and reviews of each.  Pumpkin ales often are evocative of pumpkin pies, using some of the same spices.  Many of them also have great looking labels which can add to a Halloween party’s ambiance.


Pumpkins aren't just for Halloween. They make great fall decorations and fall beers too!

There are other liquors that work well for Halloween including black vodka (looks really cool in mixed drinks), pumpkin vodka, pumpkin schnapps, and even pumpkin wine.

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