Beer beats water after exercise

by Recent Studies

Something beer drinkers have known for centuries: Spanish researchers have shown that after exercising, beer is better for you than water.  The bubbles help to quench thirst, and the carbohydrates help replace lost calories.

The study asked 25 college students in Spain to do strenuous exercises (we’re guessing yard work for the scientists) in 104 degree temperatures.  To help them recover from the “strenuous exercises”, half of the college students were given water and the other half beer.  The recovery time for the students was slightly better for those that drank beer – proving a corollary, college students will work for beer.

There was some skepticism from British scientists (the same country that said beer was ok for preggers).  They pointed out that beer probably has the same effect as water, since the alcohol in beer is not at a “high enough concentration to produce a diuretic effect” (need to pee).

(Source: FoxNews)

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