Red wine compound found effective on humans

by Recent Studies

For those of you that are unfamiliar with this compound or research, this is the anti-aging cure-all compound based on resveratrol – the substance in red wine.  Resveratrol triggers the SIRT1 gene, which helps regulate lifespan.  Unfortunately the dosage for resveratrol is about 400 glasses of red wine a day.  SRT501 is much more effective than resveratrol, but triggers the same gene.

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Red wine grapes may hold the secret to living forever

Sirtris Pharmaceuticals tested SRT501 on 98 people with type 2 diabetes.  One third took a 2.5 gram dose of the drug, one third took a 5 gram dose, and a third took a placebo.   The drug was found to be safe in the initial trials, and improved glucose tolerance for the patients that took the drug.  Larger trials have already started.

The anti-aging effects cannot be tested yet, but the drug seems to be effective for diabetes – typically an age-related disease.  The drug may not be available until 2012, so we’ll have to stick with red wine until then.

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