10 beer choices and what they tell us about the candidate

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We all saw the pictures this week of Hillary Clinton pounding down a beer and shot of Crown Royal whiskey (Canadian whiskey – poor choice when you are trying to get the American vote).  I am sure that the beer and shot were picked to be blue collar as possible.  According to CBS Hillary prefers Blue Moon or red wine, not the light lager she is pictured drinking.  This is more proof her campaign manager chose her beverages to identify with the voting public.  Her message was clear – she is one of the boys and one of the common folk.

hillary clinton beer

Does Hillary Clinton really know beer?

Hillary Clinton could have chosen other beverages to send a different message.  Here are a few other beer choices the candidates can use to take alternative stances.


If Pennsylvania is important to the Democrat vote as many suspect, Yuengling would be the perfect choice.  Yuengling is the oldest brewer in America, established in 1829.  The popular east coast Yuengling screams “made in America”.  The best part is the beer hails from Pennsylvania.  This beer would have been a perfect choice for Hillary.  Doh!  Too late!  Some other candidate can use it now.


This beer would have been the obvious pick, and may have been the beer Hillary chose.  All I could find in the press was “light watery lager”.  Whether you agree with the rule, Budweiser is the king of beers.  A Budweiser or Bud Light candidate would appeal to the widest audience. This beer choice would identify the candidate as the “popular vote”.  This beer appeals to the Joe Six-Pack/NASCAR voter (yes I know Coors is the NASCAR sponsor ).

Fat Tire/New Belgium

A candidate choosing this beer is looking for the environmental vote.  No brewer has run around saying “I care for the environment” more than New Belgium.  Fat Tire screams I want the green vote.  The savvy beer drinker might point out Mothership Wit might be a better choice, but most people know Fat Tire equals New Belgium.  This beer appeals to the tree-hugger, hippie and Al Gore vote.

Blue Moon

Young gen-xers or gen-millennium identify with this trendy beer.  Blue Moon tells the world your campaign manager doesn’t have a clue.  Blue Moon is a great beer, but as we all know, younger generations don’t vote.


Blue Moon is hip with the younger Gen-Xers


Schlitz is the beer from yesteryear, and was my grandfather’s beer.  The large elderly electorate would vote for this beer.  Schlitz also appeals to the voter on a very fixed income.  A candidate that chooses this beer wants the senior citizen vote.  It says, I remember back in the day and if you vote for me I’ll bring the 7-ounce steel cans back.

Avery Beers

I love their beers, but due to the high alcohol content of Avery beers this choice says the candidate is a closet alcoholic.  These beers might appeal to the Russian immigrant vote who miss the Yeltsin days.

Arrogant Bastard Ale

This beer says vote for me.  Or don’t.  I really don’t give a $@#&.  Arrogant Bastard is the anarchist vote.  It tells the voters, lobbyists, and the rest of the world “I don’t care what you think; I’m doing what I want”.  Arrogant Bastard might get the disenfranchised angry vote.  Or maybe it won’t.


If you are planning on pushing NAFTA, immigration bills or Fort Lauderdale keggers, Corona will appeal to the voters you want.  This beer also says “I didn’t know Mexico a made beer” or “We’re invading Mexico next for the oil”.  If the candidate is not careful, a few of these can quickly turn to tequila shots and spring break parties.  Corona can be fun, but not a good image to send to your voters.

corona beer

Corona can help with the NAFTA vote

Great Divide Wild Raspberry Ale

If the candidate needs the soccer mom vote, this beer can help.  This beer is a crowd pleaser and often popular with the women.  Great Divide Wile Raspberry Ale says, “I understand how difficult is being a mom, and a good beer can be mother’s little helper.  As your President, I’ll help you too”.  Awwww.


This beer appeals to Canadians or as we like to refer to them, members of the 51st state.  Just kidding, eh?

With careful choosing, the candidate can send a subtle message to the voters.  The beer choice not only speaks to who the candidate claims they are, it appeals to the voters the candidate needs.

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