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If you haven’t seen Intoxicated Zodiac , you are missing out on a special and unique blog.  This blog features unique cocktails matched to your astrological sign!  The drink photography is great, and there are even some of the photographs available for your computer desktop – all matched with your sign!  You can also find very unique gifts that you won’t find anywhere else!   Here’s a few questions we asked from Gwen!

Intoxicated Zodiac

What's your sign? Intoxicated Zodiac has a drink for that!

Where did you get the idea for mixing astrology with mixology for a blog?

An old friend of the family (Nancy, who died last year at 94) gave me a gift she had made when she was young herself (in the 50’s). She was an artsy Leo who loved to drink, and she created a 10 page booklet on how each Zodiac sign typically drinks their martini. I actually blogged this story in detail, and posted Nancy’s handmade book along with it. If you’re interested, here’s the link .

Of the many drink recipes on your blog, which drink is your favorite?

It’s a tie! I’m partial to flower cocktails, so I love the uniqueness of Nasturtium Margarita . I also love the novelty of the Fir Tiptini. These tips can only be harvested for a few weeks (coming up soon) each year. They both taste surprisingly delicious.

What is your best mixed drink/night-on-the-town story?

The best stories are the ones you can’t remember–due to all of those mixed drinks! One of my faves that I can remember, most likely happened under the influence of beer, wine, tequila shots and straight up margaritas. My high school friends from upstate New York came to visit me for the first time at my new college (FIT) in the big city! I took them out with my new city friends to a bunch of clubs, starting in Times Square. Finally we ended up in the East Village and hailed a cab to go home at about 4am.

We told our cabdriver to go to 4th Street, but he thought we said 14th Street. We kept telling him to turn around, he was going to far. When he finally did, we were almost at 14th Street! He let us out and we refused to pay we were so pissed off. Hey, it was $4! That’s two beers to a starving college student! So we took off and commandeered another cab that a couple was actually just getting into. All five of us– still half drunk, in our high heels, spandex tube tops, mini skirts and 10-hour-old makeup. Scary sight!

Our new cabdriver was all into this early-morning adventure and stepped on it, as we instructed. We all thought we were home free when all of a sudden our wheels screeched to a halt. Seems our old driver had raced ahead of us and parked himself diagonally across First Avenue, blocking our new driver from going any further. We urged him to go on… drive around him we pleaded. But at this point our old driver had gotten out of his car and taken to banging on our windows demanding his $4. Our new driver apologetically gave us the boot.

Intoxicated Zodiac

Intoxicated Zodiac has lots of interesting drinks with great stories to match

So we split, running as fast as we could up First Avenue… My friend Julie was screaming how she hated me right now, and I honestly feared for our lives. Our old driver was so intent on getting his $4 that he had called in all his yellow cab cronies to help him out. A fleet of angry cabs, at least 20 strong, appeared out of nowhere and were in hot pursuit. Now, to cross the street was taking our life in our hands. They were trying to “hit” us as a scare tactic. I don’t know why we didn’t just give them the $4 at this point. In the end though, our old driver scared himself away. He did actually hit my friend Jen, and fled the scene, along with all the other cabs, most of whom had dispersed anyway by this point. Jen was ok, and we ducked into an apartment building and hid for 30 minutes before venturing out onto the mean streets of New York again. Now, that was a good time!

Your drink images are very stylish.  Are you a photographer as well?

Thank you!  I love to create–be it cocktails, design, writing, photography… but am I a “professional” photographer? All though I have taken a few photography classes, the answer is no.

What blog accomplishment are you most proud of?

The fact that I actually have loyal readers, who care about what I have to say, makes me smile. Someone leaving a good comment always makes my day!

Last Call

I just recently added an organic/handmade product offering to my site … So, don’t forget about IZ the next time you’re shopping for a good gift!  Thank you Fermentarium : )

And thank you Gwen for your time!

And now that you’ve read this, go visit Intoxicated Zodiac!

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