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by Around the Internet is Digg for beer

If you are a beer blogger, you may have noticed that it is very difficult to find an audience.  Even finding 50 RSS subscribers for your website can seem insurmountable.  Now there is hope. is a new social media website much like Digg or Mixx .  You submit articles about beer or homebrewing, and other beer lovers vote how interesting they find the article.

The site is only a few weeks old, but is already getting large volumes of traffic.  According to the founder, Brad Smith, the traffic is already requiring upgrades to the servers.

It is very simple to vote for articles.  Just log in and click on the stories you like.  Bloggers can add a button to their articles to help their articles receive votes.  You can also add friends and share articles.  Feel free to add me .  There are even forums where you can connect with other readers or bloggers.

If you are a beer lover (which you should be if you’re here), is a great place to find interesting articles.

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DJ Spiess

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I am a avid homebrewer and winemaker. I’ve been making my own beer and wine for many years. I started making beer when I was in college (mostly because the drinking age in the United States is 21). My first few beers were horrible. The beers are much better now, and I often supply my neighborhood with free beer! It is a great hobby!