10 drunkest people ever

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Here is a list of some of the drunkest people on the planet.  It is surprising half of the record holders here are female!  Even more surprising, if not really sad, is all of these drunks except one were found driving while intoxicated.  They are lucky to be alive in several ways.

When your blood alcohol level is 0.500% or higher, you’re considered dead.  0.500% is the lethal limit (not legal).  Most people die when their blood alcohol levels reach these insane limits.  To get your BAC levels over 0.400%, you need to drink over sixteen 12 ounce Budweiser beers in one hour.  Keep this in mind when you read these next few drunks .

beer and keys

You really need to drink hard to get as drunk as these people

The Bulgarian miracle (0.914% BAC)

An unidentified 67-year-old man was brought to a hospital after getting hit by a car.  In fact this is the only drunk we found who wasn’t trying to drive!  When doctors tested his BAC, they thought something was wrong with their instruments.  After 5 separate lab tests, doctors finally confirmed the ridiculously high blood alcohol content.  The man was able to speak/slur to the doctors. I normally wouldn’t consider him without a name, but 5 tests and multiple news sources reporting this lead me to believe this story is true.

(Source: CBC.CA)

The breakfast drunk (0.720% BAC)

Terri Comer, 42, luckily drove her car into a snow bank in Oregon.  Police found her slumped at the wheel at 11:30 AM.  That’s in the morning – almost noon.  Either she starts early, or she was coming home from one hell of a party the night before!  Police had to break her car window to retrieve her and take her to a hospital.

(Source: The Smoking Gun)

The beer hunter (0.690% BAC)

Willard Ashley III, 32, was found sitting in his car.  He claimed he was hunting and waiting for a friend to call a tow truck, but it was clear the car was wrecked not stalled.   He was arrested for public intoxication in Indiana.  I’m assuming he didn’t get a DUI since the car was not running at the time of arrest.  His “hunting buddy” did show up a bit later, drunk as well.

(Source: The Smoking Gun)

Hanging at the pizza joint (0.550% BAC)

Meagan Harper, 30, was found by police outside a pizza joint passed out in her car.  The Oregon woman’s story is kinda lame, but the blood alcohol content in her system is impressive.

(Source: The Smoking Gun)

Blasted but not belted (0.532% BAC)

Cloyd Joseph Dull, 49, was found passed out at the wheel of his 1989 Plymouth.  Not only was he charged for drinking and driving at a ridiculously high blood alcohol level, he also got charged with not wearing a seat belt.

(Source: The Smoking Gun)

Tacoma County record holder (0.500% BAC)

Rebecca G. Lingbloom, 45, was seen swerving all over the road and almost ran over a pedestrian.  The Washington state woman scored a 0.500 two hours after being arrested.  I’m guessing she was at 0.530 at the time of arrest assuming normal metabolism rates.

(Source: Boston.com)

Stanley, Destroyer of Billboards (0.491% BAC)

Stanley Kobierwoski, 34, drove his car into a highway billboard when police arrested him.  He had troubles getting out of the car (I’d have troubles moving at that BAC), and then refused to leave his car.  Cops had to carry him away.

(Source: SF Gate)

bottle caps

How many drinks do you need to consume to get your BAC this high?!?

The ex-cop (0.470% BAC)

Deana Jarrett, 54, was driving and hit two cars before police caught up with her.  She hit a Volkswagen, tried to convince the other driver to not call the cops, and then she drove away into a second collision – this time with a Lexus SUV.  She was an ex Seattle police officer.  It’s interesting she was arrested, booked, and then released four hours later.  You’d think with a BAC so high they would take her to the hospital first.

(Source: Associated Content)

The Queensland record holder for women (0.446% BAC)

Toni Apperton of Queensland, Australia, was found unconscious at the wheel of her car.  She has the current record for Queensland for women.  This implies there is at least one man in Queensland who has equaled or surpassed her feat.

(Source: ABC News AU)

The lawnmower man  (0.441% BAC)

Jerold Earhart, 29, drove home drunk on a lawnmower.  Ironically this isn’t the first time I’ve heard of this.  He drove in circles in an intersection, passed out at the wheel, and then was thrown from the mower.  The mower continued into a tree where witnesses turned off the mower.

(Source: MLive.com)

If you find a drunk that tops 0.441%, let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

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