8 drunk driving lessons we can learn from beer nuts

by Beer nuts!

Keep your clothes on when caught

Take Holly Kay Highfield from Jacksonville, Florida for example.  She was driving drunk in a Honda filled with children, deliberately tried to crash her car into a cyclist, carjacked another car after the crash with the bicycle, and then crashed the stolen car into her Honda.  At this point you can assume she’s in a ton of trouble.  So what does she do at this point?  She starts taking her clothes off.  Taking your clothes off at the scene of the crime will not help you, nor will it get you out of a DWI.  So if you’re pulled over, keep your clothes on.

(Source: First Coast News)

Do not attract attention to yourself while driving

Gail Powell from the UK learned the importance of not being seen while driving drunk.  She was seen swerving in traffic with her broken leg in a cast hanging out the driver’s side window.  Her blood alcohol content was 1.5 times the legal limit, so you could say the woman was plastered.  A police car driving in the opposite direction noticed the woman and her leg, and pulled her over for a DWI.

(Source: Metro.co.uk)

beer and keys

The best way to avoid becoming like these drunks, is just don't drink and drive

Don’t attempt to erase your high BAC with wite-out

Juan Briceno, 33, of Omaha, Nebraska was busted for his fourth DUI/DWI.  He was in the police station with a blood alcohol content of .287 percent, so you could say the evidence was stacked against him.  No matter how bad your DUI situation is, drinking Wite-Out the correction fluid for typing errors will not erase the high BAC.  The police officers administered a blood test instead of the breathalyzer.

(Source: LiveLeak.com)

Don’t drive school buses into poles

He’s Otto and he’s blotto.  Ok his name isn’t Otto, but his actions will not win him any babysitter of the year awards.  When driving drunk, driving a school bus filled with children is not going to help your case.  Even worse, drunk driving a school bus of children into a pole will not get you any leniency.

(Source: ksl.com )

Alternate modes of transportation will not avoid a DWI

When you are drunk, driving something other than a car is still drunk driving.  Police from Queensland, Australia arrested a 64-year-old man for drunk driving his wheelchair.  The man was found passed out in the turning lane of a highway.
(Source: News.com.au)

Make sure your designated driver is of driving age

Holly L. Schnobrich, 24, of Lafayette, Indiana was drunk and needed a designated driver.  Does she call a friend, her mom, or even a taxi?  Nope.  Her choice of driver, her 5-year-old son, landed her in jail for public intoxication and child endangerment.  Choosing an underage driver will not prevent you from running afoul with the law, and you certainly will not win mother-of-the-year awards.

(Source: IndyStar)

Don’t ask a drunk friend to help you

A man crashed his pickup into a parked car and had troubles freeing his truck from the car.  His drunk friend helped him separate his truck from the car and attempted to drive him home.  Since his friend was drunk too, he crashed the pickup truck into another parked car on the same street.  Both men were charged with DUIs.

(Source: LoHud.com)

Don’t try to outrun the cops

If you are busted for a DUI, just accept the situation and don’t make it worse like Stephen Ray Castor, 53.  Like all ideas when drunk, Castor’s idea of escape from the law was failed from the start.  Castor was driving a lawn mower (see Alternate modes of transportation will not avoid a DWI above).  He led the police on a 3 mph “high speed” chase before a police office grabbed him.

(Source: KomoNews.com)

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