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Flying for many is very scary.  Just a few weeks ago a plane in Denver, Continental Airlines flight 1404, crashed while taking off.  None of the 107 passengers were killed, but 38 were injured and the other 69 required a change of underwear.  That’s pretty scary, but imagine being on an airplane filled with Irish drunks!

airplane view

A re-enactment of what might have happened if he got the door open.

That’s exactly what happened on a Thomas Cook flight from London Gatwick to Cuba.  Forty revelers ran amok on the plane, their children hit other passengers, and one drunk tried to exit the plane mid flight.  I hope the drunk was a good swimmer, because there isn’t much land when you’re flying between two islands on opposite sides of the planet.  One woman was so frightened, she hid in the galley with the crew for five hours.

Thomas Cook is a British airline, and in true British form the airline is looking into possibly pressing charges.  The British are so polite.  If this happened on an American plane, the passengers would have landed in Gitmo (Guantanamo Bay) for some sobering up and serious felony charges.

The drunken group caused more trouble in Cuba at their all-inclusive hotel in the resort of Playa Pesquero.  Seventeen of the drunks were refused reboarding on their return trip.  No clue why they all weren’t given permanent Cuban citizenship.  The remaining 23 caused trouble on the flight back.

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