Beer pong player unleashes lethal shotgun attack on furniture

by Beer nuts!

A college sophomore in Boulder shot a bed with a shotgun after playing beer pong.  Alex Grayson, 20, walked into a bedroom at a house party, found the shotgun, and for some inexplicable reason he shot the bed.

While Grayson claims the furniture-cide was accidental, police say the sophomore faces possible charges of reckless endangerment and prohibited use of a weapon.  The gun owner was also subjected to a stern talking to by the police, since leaving loaded weapons lying around during house parties is not a great idea.

Here’s what I find interesting about this random story.  The headline for the story was “Police: Student shoots bed after beer pong game”.  The story is exactly the same if you eliminate “beer pong”.  What does this story have to do with beer pong?!  If you answered nothing, you are correct.

beer pong

Beer pong can be serious business, but why shoot a couch?

The fact the person played beer pong before unleashing a single shot fury of tiny beads of lead on the unsuspecting bed really doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t even mention alcohol as a factor, but I’m assuming he was at least a bit buzzed.  Still the story sounds more scandalous if he’s playing the evil beer game, and the media knows it (I know it too!!).

Personally I think beer pong gets a bad rap.  I wonder how soon until we get the “beer pong” ruined my life stories.

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