Beer run in a “mow rider”

by Beer nuts!

I'm can't wait for the first Beer Nuts! article where someone is driving one of these!

Apparently when trying to avoid a DWI, several beer nuts out there think it’s ok to drive a lawnmower instead of a car.  It’s not.

It doesn’t matter what alcohol you’re buying either.  Last time it was a wine run, this time it’s a beer run.  Both ended with the same results – an arrest.

Joseph Simme of Lancaster, NY, lost his license for previous DWI convictions (that’s plural).  You’d think he’d learned his lesson by this point, but it seems he still doesn’t get it.  He knew he couldn’t drive his car so he allegedly moved on to his next vehicle of choice, a lawn mower.

After attempting to cross a busy street in his “mow rider”, police caught up with him and arrested him for driving under the influence.  According to police reports, Simme blew a 0.14 which is well over the legal limit.

lawn mower

Law says you can't drive one of these drunk.  Even bicycles are out in most places.

His only comment was he didn’t know it was illegal to drive a lawnmower intoxicated.  When later questioned by a judge, he only replied “no comment”.    When you’re caught driving while intoxicated on a lawn mower, I guess there really isn’t anything you can add.

There seems to be some confusion about whether a lawn mower should count.  The reasoning is you do not need a license to drive a lawn mower.  Still you can cause damage and put yourself and others in harms way if you’re driving a mower drunk.  What do you think?  Does Simme get his DWI hat-trick in his grass Zamboni?

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