Cops don’t like these doughnuts

by Beer nuts!

Danielle Joleen Brown, 21, of Des Moines was arrested September 5th for driving while intoxicated, assault on a police officer, interference with official acts and reckless driving.  She was stopped while driving circles on the grass.

She's just so gosh-darn-happy to be arrested!

She's just so gosh-darn-happy to be arrested!

She slipped out of her handcuffs while being transported, so the police had to remove her from the squad car.  Officers said she was uncooperative, easily distracted, happy and laughing as seen in her happy mug shot, then angry the next. At one point she tried to grab an officer’s groin with an open hand (most likely not in a friendly “Senator Craig” sort of way and more of an angry Megan Jane Conroy sort of way!).

She tested over three times the legal limit.  She makes our Beer Nuts! section because she is just so gosh darn happy in her mug shot!

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