Couple takes beer from store after hours: Jailarity ensues

by Beer nuts!

A couple in Port St. Lucie decided to go for a late night beer run.  Unfortunately for Jason Muni and Pamela Battilla, they arrived at the store at 2:15 am, 15 minutes later than last call in Florida.  The store clerk informed them that they could not buy the 12-pack of Natural Light Ice in cans valued at $6.29.

Lack of taste and punctuality were not their only alleged crimes that night.  Muni allegedly threw a fit and created a disturbance.  He claimed that he could buy alcohol in Orlando until 5am (according to Florida law, Mickey Mouse stops serving at 2am as well).  Still the clerk refused.

Muni eventually grabbed the beer, threw down $10 to the clerk, and said “‘don’t worry about it, (expletive),’” So not only did he take the cheapest beer available, he over paid for it.

He and his alleged accomplice left the scene with the beer, but not before the clerk took down his license plate number.  It was easy work for the police to find the couple.

The police report states, “Battilla stated that she can’t believe that she was going to jail for ‘the cheapest beer made‘”.  The report also stated “The beer will not be placed into evidence as it was consumed.”

Lesson learned, if you’re going to take beer, at least make it worth it!

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