Drunk man sucks ash

by Beer nuts!

A German party-goer was found stuck in a chimney after 12 hours.  The 27-year old man had been drinking heavily at Oktoberfest

Hypothermia really was the better option for this guy

Hypothermia really was the better option for this guy

(of course) and was trying to find a friend’s apartment.  When he found that his friend was not home, he tried the roof.  Once again, all ideas sound much better when you are drunk.

While walking towards what he thought was a gap between two houses, he slid head first 30 meters (98 feet to those of us on this side of the pond) into a chimney.  He tried climbing out, but found himself stuck.  He did manage to turn around after removing his clothes.  Still he was stuck, now naked, and sucking ash.

Twelve hours later the man’s cries were heard, and rescuers knocked a hole in the chimney.  He was taken to the hospital and treated for hypothermia, which really is the better option when you are stuck over a place built for fire.

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