Drunks expecting deposit get withdrawl

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Beware of beautiful women who are interested in you!

Three sexy women were arrested for scamming drunk men out of their money.  The young women in their 20s targeted drunk men outside bars offering rides home or after hour parties.  Once the man was lured into in the car, the sirens would slip their hands into the men’s pockets removing their cell phones, cash, and wallets.

The three women slipped their hands into the pants of more than 50 “victims” before the law caught up with them.  The vicitms included lawyers and NYU professors.  One drunk lost $5000 to the three women.  There was no word on how many men were “repeat victims”.

The sexy sting worked like this.  Tiffany Rasberry, 21, and Barbara Labady, 22, lured men into a car offering to take the man to an after hours party.  One lawyer got into the car, and then needed to stop at an ATM machine on the way.  The two girls watched him punch in his PIN, then when they got back into the car they ran their hands into his pockets removing his wallet.  The third woman, Subhanna Beyah, 21, feigned illness.  He stepped out of the car to let her out, and the car sped away with his wallet and PIN.   Within thirty minutes the women had removed $1600 from his account.

The lawyer has apparently never seen X-Men 2 or he’d know Magneto’s famous line, “Never trust a beautiful woman, especially a beautiful woman who’s interested in you”.  Luckily for him, he noticed his wallet missing and called the cops right away.  The three vixens were arrested for multiple counts of grand larceny and possession of stolen property.

The women’s defense was “it was an alternative to turning tricks”.

(Source: New York Post)

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