Ear’s drinking to you!

by Beer nuts!

Since this is a beer nuts article, you already know that the police were involved and the man most likely didn’t get the beer.

When the police arrived to this backyard disturbance they found two men holding down Robert Lee Shugars (can you guess he’s from the south with a name like that?).  Shugars wanted a beer, and the two men had refused.  Since he couldn’t have a beer, he decided to take something else in true Michael Tyson form.


What beer style goes with ear?

The police report stated “The victim had severe injuries to the left side of his head, which was the result of the offender biting a large portion of his left ear off”.  So no beer meant that Shugars was getting an ear.  Doesn’t Chianti go better than beer with ear?  The victim could not be reached later.  He probably couldn’t hear the phone.

The ear could not be reattached.  The most disturbing statement in this altercation came from the police.  The police said that human bite injuries happen more than you think.  If it happened more than this time and the fight with Tyson, they are right.

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