Man doesn’t get beer, gets goat

by Beer nuts!

A Wisconsin man Peter W. Mischler, 48, wanted more beer.  He told his wife over the phone that if she didn’t return from the grocery store with beer, he would get her goats.  She was already on her way home, so she refused.

Since this is a Beer Nuts! story, you know what happened next.  Four gunshots later (apparently he was already seeing double) police were summoned to his home.

“He shot both of them. He killed Flash, and the officer had to kill Chloe,” the daughter, Megan Mischler, said in a phone interview Wednesday. “I really don’t understand why he shot them — they didn’t deserve it.”  She added that the father was really upset about a mess the goats made earlier, not the beer.  The family was very upset about the goats, because they were more like family dogs to the family.  The goats had been with the family since they were kids.

Mr. Mischler was charged with mistreatment of animals, possession of a firearm while intoxicated and disorderly conduct with a dangerous weapon.

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