Matthew McConaughey is naming his kid what?!?

by Beer nuts!

I’ve heard some interesting child names from Hollywood types.  Frank Zappa has Dweezil, Ahmet Rodan and Diva.  Bruce Willis and Demi Moore named theirs Rumer and Scout.  Matthew McConaughey is taking it one step further.  He wants to be like his older brother and name his child after his favorite beverage, beer.  Some celebrities make Beer Nuts! articles too easy.

matthew McConaughey

You're naming your kid what?!?

Now this might be cool if you were naming your daughter Chimay or maybe your son Duvel (it appropriately means “devil”).  Unfortunately for Matthew McConaughey’s child-to-be, Mr. McConaughey’s beer tastes do not run that high.  He’s thinking of the name “Budweiser”.  Does kid naming based on poor beer tastes count as child abuse?

Before you say “he’s not serious” (like we did), remember his older brother Michael “Rooster” McConaughey named his son “Miller Lyte”.  I guess the children are lucky their beer tastes aren’t worse.  They could be named “Keystone”, “Generic” or “The Beast”.

Luckily for the children, the mother-to-be Camila Alves, will have no part in this.  She hates the name, and most likely does not have the same love for the beer either.  I’m siding with Camila on this one.


UPDATE: The child was eventually named Levi Alves.  Apparently Camila won.

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