PSA: Don’t drink beer in a police car

by Beer nuts!

tasha lee cantrell mug shot

Another drunk who is gosh darn happy to be arrested

Tasha Lee Cantrell’s, 19, friend had just been arrested in Fort Walton, FL. for a DUI, so she asked the arresting officer for a ride home.  On the way to her house the officer heard a can crack open.  You’re thinking “oh no she didn’t”, but oh yes she did.

Apparently she was so overcome with thirst, she decided to crack open a can of Steel Reserve (classy choice) right in the back seat of the squad car.  The officer heard the can open, and noticed she was drinking something.  He stopped the car, found the beer can, and arrested her.  Not only was she rewarded with a quenched thirst, she also received an express ride straight to the police station for underage drinking.  All of this was captured on the squad car video system.  (will this be on the next episode of COPS: Ft. Walton?)

When Tasha was asked by the officer why she thought she could drink the beer in the back seat she replied, “I have no right answer for you.”  I’m pretty sure the correct answer is “because I’m stupid”.

She was having a great time in her first mug shot, but it looks like the evening wore as she sobered up.  It’s a great beer nut story, but I’m not sure the “guess how stupid I was the night I was arrested” story is really one she’ll want to tell her friends.

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