Sergeant Sloshed

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An 18-year-old drunk British soldier stationed at Camp Hohne in Germany decided to go for a 4 am joyride after his night of binge drinking.  The soldier chose a “safe” ride, at least safe for him.  His vehicle of choice was a tank.  Two tanks in fact.

His vehicle wasn’t a full tank; it was a Scimitar which is an armored reconnaissance vehicle (or light tank).  The soldier jumped into one tank, drove it around a bit, but got the tank stuck.    Once stuck the soldier must have decided “hey, I know where I can get another one”.  He returned to the camp and stole a second tank.

scimitar tank

Well I guess this is a safe choice for the driver if he's going to drunk drive. He still crashed two of them.

The soldier attempted to drive the tank to Bergen, Germany.  I can only imagine the fun he could have with a tank in city limits.  A few years back, I saw a great video on the nightly news of a rouge tank driving through a San Diego suburb (and I mean THROUGH)!  On the way the drunken soldier ran one car off the road, ran a military police vehicle off the road, and then lost control of the tank crashing it into a tree.  Apparently the Scimitar is not powerful enough to run over a tree.  The soldier was arrested.

“We all got the giggles when we read this,” British Army spokesperson Helga Heine told The Local. “But stealing a vehicle is a serious offense it will be dealt with accordingly.”  I see the brig and a possible court martial in the soldier’s future.  When he gets out, he’ll have a very humorous “what I did when I got drunk” story!

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