The B&B Bear Brew-haha

by Beer nuts!


Bear Spray - the weapon of choice in Alaska

Daniel Pement had issues with the patrons of the B&B bar.  Does he move on to another bar?  Start a bar fight?  Smash a bottle?  No, Daniel Pement is from Kodiak, Alaska and today’s beer nut.  Pement took action with bear spray.

Yes, you read that right.  Mr. Pement allegedly sprayed the B&B patrons Saturday night with bear spray.  Only one can guess why you would be carrying bear spray in a bar in Alaska.  Maybe this is normal.  Police responded to the incident, confiscated the bear spray, and then released Mr. Pement in order to respond to a more urgent call.

Now Pement is not the kind of man who can spray and let go.  No, Mr. Pement went back to the B&B bar Sunday night armed with (you guessed it) more bear spray.  He sprayed them again.

Bear spray is something like pepper spray, but stronger.  Mr. Pement was charged with six counts of misdemeanor assault, because he barely hurt them.

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