The six-pack vigilante

by Beer nuts!

James Bridges, 46, walked into a Jackson’s food store for easy money.  He took the money from the register behind the counter and attempted to walk out with it.  One witness to the crime was just there for some beer.  Unfortunately for James Bridges, the man was Lt. Dave Dietz, a corrections officer from the local state pen.

Lt. Dietz was packing, as in “six-packing”.  When Bridges stopped paying attention to the off-duty corrections officer, Lt. Dietz smacked Bridges on the head with the beer.  (Is this considered beer with too much head?)

bud light 6-packs

Well since I won't drink it, it might actually make a good weapon!

Dietz and another store patron tackled Bridges after the brew smackdown, and waited for the police to arrive.  The beer vigilante was hailed a hero, but he doesn’t think so.

“Ya, I don’t think hero. I just hit the guy over the head with a six-pack of beer,” said Dietz.  James Bridges, a career felon, is looking at a long time in prison quite possibly with the man who put him behind bars.

Sadly all six beers perished in the attack.

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