Beer. You know, “for kids”.

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beer for kids

This idea would never fly in the USA

I know what you are thinking.  The same thing I first thought…


Once again the cultural differences between the Eastern and the Western world are highlighted in a weird way.  This is crazier than the Hello Kitty Virus protection software and almost disturbing as the used underpants vending machines .  Japan’s Sangaria Beverage Company introduced a beer for kids.  Well… it’s been out for a few years now.  Before you start freaking out, I’ll note the beer is non-alcoholic.  I’m sure the Churchie demographic feels much better knowing that.

It’s beer for kids

Sangaria has a whole line of the fake alcoholic beverages sold individually or in 6-packs, and marketed for children.  Some of the “near beers” are golden in color while others are dark brown, and both produce a nice head of foam.  The beverage is made from green tea and GABA extract.  You have to see the beer commercials to believe it.

The non-alcoholic beverages are for kids to share in the group drinking at family celebrations.  The social drinking is a cultural thing, and this helps the kids get in on the group drinking fun without drinking alcohol (get ‘em started early!).  Of course, we would never do anything like this in the United States… say like root beer for kids.

Beer for kids

Beer is something the whole family can enjoy... wait WHAT?!

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