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Beer doesn't kill brain cells

According to Queensland Brain Institute director Professor Perry Bartlett in Australia, drinking alcohol does not kill brain cells, even if it feels like it did the next morning. This commonly accepted notion that alcohol destroys large sections of the brain turns out to be an old wives’ tale.

In a recent study, reported to many top neuroscientists at Cairns, alcohol was found to have no effect on the lifecycle of brain cells.  What you do while drunk, say hit your head on the bar, may still have some effect.

There is no evidence that shows alcohol kills brain cells.  In moderation, alcohol has been shown to have positive effects on the body.  It acts as an antioxidant, helping blood vessels.  Italian researchers have shown that a bottle of red wine can help prevent dementia in old age.

Research by Professor Bartlett has found that our brain replenishes cells every day.  Other areas of his research include regenerating brain cells in older brains, or brains damaged from strokes.

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